Real Estate Investment Strategy: Slumlord Or Wholesale?

When starting out in real estate investing with limited resources is it better to get going as a slumlord or wholesaling properties? Many real estate investment courses and gurus have traditionally… [more]

Real Estate Investment Strategy: Slumlord Or Wholesale? Real Estate Investment Strategy: Slumlord Or Wholesale?

Tips on Real Estate Investing

Normally a down real estate market is a heaven for investors. There is a variety of properties available for sale and many homeowners are desperate to sell and negotiate a price that will get them out… [more]

Tips on Real Estate Investing Tips on Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing Basics

Before you delve into real estate investing, you need to understand how the industry works. This will prepare you for what to expect and give you insight on how to keep your investment growing. The one… [more]

Real Estate Investing Basics Real Estate Investing Basics

The Basics Of Commercial Real Estate Investing

With the recent volatility in the real estate market, a lot of individuals who had previously been interested in this type of investment have pulled back and decided to wait until things are little more predictable. Of course, … [Read More...]

Real Estate Investing – The Basics of Making It a Profit

Investing in real estate is a great way to make money. It is not, however, a sure thing since an investor can get into real trouble if they do not know what they are doing. It used to be that real estate was considered to be one … [Read More...]

Property Investment Buying – The Basics of Making Money in Real Estate

Property investment buying has proven to help create a secure financial future for smart investors. All you need to do is get yourself educated in the process and you are on your way to a healthy financial foundation. There are … [Read More...]

Real Estate Investing Tips

5 Important Real Estate Investment Tips

Real estate investing means purchase, ownership, management or rental/sale of real estate for profit. Many people find it difficult to invest. It requires a lot of cash. Are you interested in becoming … [Read More...]

6 Tips for Taking Your Real Estate Investing to the Next Level

Many real estate investors have come to me with the same concern... they know they need to take their investing to the next level so they can obtain that bigger cash flow they've been thinking and … [Read More...]

Real Estate Investing Tips – Some Quick Tips You Should Never Forget

* Number one investing tip in real estate: understand the market and deal with it. Don't just depend on what others say because most of them are not facts but mere opinions. Especially when you're … [Read More...]

Real Estate Investing Strategies

Wholesaling For Quick Cash – Real Estate Investing Strategies

Wholesaling for quick cash is rapidly becoming a popular real estate investment strategy. In essence, wholesaling involves locating properties under market value and quickly reselling them for … [Read More...]

Foreclosure Real Estate Investment Strategies

Foreclosure real estate investing can be a profitable niche for those who take time to learn the strategies. Foreclosed realty encompasses a variety of properties including residential homes, vacant … [Read More...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investment Strategies

Deciding on your financial goals for your real estate investments is your first step in starting a good business. Do you need steady monthly income? Are you preparing your nest egg for retirement? Are … [Read More...]

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